Proven In-Situ Thermal Technologies for Fast, Safe, and Certain Remediation

TRS Group, Inc. is a 100% employee owned company with offices throughout the United States and joint ventures in Europe, Brazil, and China. Since 2000, TRS has completed more than 150 Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) projects. Across every project safety has always been our #1 priority as evidenced by our very low EMR and robust Behavioral Based Safety Program.

TRS fosters a culture of excellence and high performance, which allows us to confidently offer guaranteed contracts for all types of projects including clay, sand, silt, and bedrock in the vadose and saturated zones. Much to our customers' high levels of satisfaction, TRS is change order averse. Clients tell us that our employee owners are collaborative, professional, and conscientious and our sites are clean and safe. This is why more than 80% of our customers return to TRS for additional projects.

Further, TRS has a robust research and development program and continually brings innovations to our clients. We are the leader in Heat Enhanced Plume Attenuation, HEPA® Remediation, which is the process of using below steaming temperatures to accelerate naturally occurring processes, such as increasing the bioremediation rate of chlorinated solvents and the hydrolysis of pesticides and energetic compounds such as TNT and RDX. Additionally, TRS now offers a new Thermal Conductive Heating (TCH) solution.

TRS remediation solutions prove effective for even the most complex and difficult NAPL remediations. We have successfully resolved a variety of unique site conditions encountered at public, retail, military, and industrial sites across the broadest range of subsurface conditions and logistical challenges. We pride ourselves as much in our outstanding safety record as we do our industry reputation for innovative designs to tackle new and emerging contaminants and site conditions. Looking ahead, we will continue to expand our service areas around the globe and will be introducing additional innovative thermal options and combined remedy applications.

TRS Group, Inc. Offers:

  • Competitive Pricing - Lowest lifecycle costs when compared to other technologies
  • Proven Design - Hydraulic & vapor controls mitigate vapor intrusion
  • Flexible Solutions - Various electrode designs for all soil matrices including bedrock.
  • Regulatory Acceptance - EPA approval in all regions and states where it has been applied
  • Sustainability - Lowest carbon footprint compared to other technologies
  • Combination with other Technologies - Heat-enhanced bioremediation, chemical oxidation and additional options
  • Site Closures - No rebound
  • Guarantee - Various contracting options available to guarantee remediation success

Mission Statement

TRS is committed to holding the industry leadership position in ERH and conductive in situ remediation. We excel at the quick cleaning of contaminated sites to put them back into productive public and private use. As the most experienced industry leader in the application of Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH), we strive to serve as the most trusted heat-enhanced remediation authority for the collective benefit of our clients, employees, shareholders, and the general public. In TRS, you will find customer-focused people passionate about our work.

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