TRS ERH: Proven In Situ Technology

TRS brings the experience and knowledge gained from performing Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) on over 130 projects to each new remediation site. Since the launch of the technology in the remediation industry in 1997, we have perfected our unique methodology for in situ ERH and conductive remediation. The TRS ERH process stems from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories. TRS is licensed by Battelle to apply all of the ERH and Six-Phase Heating patents that Battelle developed on behalf of the U.S. DOE.

TRS remediation solutions prove effective for even the most complex and difficult NAPL remediations. We have successfully resolved a variety of unique site conditions encountered at public, retail, military, and industrial sites across the broadest range of subsurface conditions and logistical challenges. We pride ourselves as much in our outstanding safety record as we do our industry reputation for innovative designs to tackle new and emerging contaminants and site conditions. Looking ahead, we will continue to expand our service areas around the globe and will be introducing additional innovative thermal options and combined remedy applications.

TRS Group, Inc. Offers:

  • Competitive Pricing - Lowest lifecycle cost compared to other technologies
  • Proven Design - Hydraulic & vapor controls eliminate vapor intrusion
  • Flexible Solutions - Various electrode designs for all soil matrices including bedrock
  • Regulatory Acceptance - EPA approval in all regions and states where it has been applied
  • Sustainability - Lowest carbon footprint compared to other technologies
  • Combination with other Technologies - Heat-enhanced, bioremediation, chemical oxidation and additional options
  • Site Closures - No rebound after project completion
  • Guarantee - Contracting options to guarantee remediation success

Mission Statement

TRS is committed to holding the industry leadership position in ERH and conductive in situ remediation. We excel at the quick cleaning of contaminated sites to put them back into productive public and private use. As the most experienced industry leader in the application of Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH), we strive to serve as the most trusted heat-enhanced remediation authority for the collective benefit of our clients, employees, shareholders, and the general public. In TRS, you will find customer-focused people passionate about our work.

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