Forming Strategic Partnerships to Deliver ERH Solutions Around the Globe

TRS Doxor, South America

TRSDOXOR, based in Sao Paulo, has been providing ERH services to the Brazilian marketplace since 2009. TRSDoxor is the only thermal provider to complete three successful projects in Brazil and continues to grow with additional project contracts.


  • Electrical Engineer on staff (Brazil law)
  • Locally manufactured equipment fleet
  • Import/export services (RADAR registration)

TRS, Europe

TRS-Europe is a group of elite service providers throughout Europe providing ERH services to the European marketplace.


  • Highest capacity & quality
  • Guaranteed results
  • Local network & footprint throughout Europe

Global Representatives

International Contacts:

South America

Thiago L. Gomes
TRS Doxor

Rua Miguel Jorge,145, Taboao da Serra
São Paulo, Brazil 06775-210
Office: +55 11.3501.6800
Cell: +55 11.8823.4371


Marco van den Brand, Klaas de Jong, or Jack van Rossum
TRS - Europe

Maxwellstraat 31
Postbus 174
6710 BD Ede
The Netherlands
Office: (+31) 318-624 624