An Experienced Team of Industry Thought Leaders

TRS fields a deep bench of skilled management-level positions with expertise in all aspects of ERH and conductive remediation. Our competitive advantage is grounded on extensive field experience integrating ERH with other technologies such as multi-phase extraction (MPE), bioremediation, and chemical oxidation. We bring state-of-the-art engineering, time-tested case studies, and unparalleled professional project oversight to the table.

The TRS Executive and Senior Management Team Includes:

Brett Trowbridge

Gregory Beyke, P.E.
Vice President, Technology Development

David Fleming
Vice President, Marketing & Sales

Daniel Oberle, P.E., JD
Vice President, Engineering

Tim Warner
Vice President, Operations & Co-Managing Director HMVTRS

Jerry Wolf
Vice President, International Operations

Tom Powell
Technology Group Leader

Chris Blundy
Senior Project Manager

Drew Small
Senior Project Manager

Lynette Stauch, P.E.
Senior Project Manager

Chris Thomas
Senior Project Manager

Eric Maki, P.E.
Principal Engineer

Chad Crownover
Lead Engineer

Michelle Nanista
Lead Engineer

Doug Seiler
Senior Engineer

Dave Milan
Senior Programming Engineer

Dale Plampin

Tracy Barton

Personnel Profiles

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Chris Blundy
Senior Project Manager

Mr. Blundy has over 15 years of direct experience in designing and implementing ERH remedial solutions at contaminated sites across North America. Mr. Blundy's expertise covers project management and field oversight on multiple ERH projects. Mr. Blundy is one of TRS' most experienced ERH project managers. From his experience he has gained a solid working knowledge of the federal, state and local environmental laws, regulations and guidance that are applicable to performing successful ERH projects across the U.S. Some of Mr. Blundy's former clients include the Department of Energy, ConocoPhillips, several Top 100 ENR firms, Fortune 500 companies, and the US Navy. Mr. Blundy is also an expert in the design and deployment of the in situ air movement and treatment technologies that are used to support ERH.