Safe, Effective, and Proven Technology in all Lithologies

Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) is an in situ, thermal technology that uses commonly available electricity and applies it into the ground through electrodes. These electrodes can be installed either vertically to any depth or horizontally underneath buildings, operating facilities, and in the presence of buried utilities. The technology is equally effective in soil and groundwater.

The technology was first commercially deployed in 1997 by many of the current TRS employees and can be deployed in a variety of applications. These include: underneath buildings, in active facilities and with public access, for chlorinated volatile organic compounds at concentrations indicative of DNAPLs and fuel hydrocarbons as LNAPL, in most types of lithologies (including bedrock), and varying contamination depths (now up to 135-ft bgs). TRS has 100% client satisfaction on all projects and a dozen of the commercial sites have received closure.

Estimates are the best way to determine if ERH is right for each individual project, please use the online Site Evaluation Form to receive a site specific proposal.

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