Founded in September 2000 as an electrical resistance heating service provider for the in situ remediation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), TRS Group (TRS) now also offers steam enhanced extraction and thermal conduction heating services, in situ and ex situ, for VOCs, semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) and PFAS.

TRS expanded its reach internationally with its first joint venture in 2010, forming TRS Doxor in Brazil. Subsequently, TRS has joint ventures in Europe and China and continues to seek additional international markets.

TRS became 100% employee owned (ESOP) in December 2016. Employee ownership fosters a culture of collaboration and cooperation. Our people are dedicated to project success with a focus on safety and completing projects on time and on budget. TRS embraces an OSHA-compliant Behavioral Based Safety Program to maintain the highest safety standards, protecting all who encounter our projects.

Further, TRS knows that innovation, cost reduction and sustainability are inextricably related. Our robust research and development program has led to patented solutions for power delivery, electrode and heater designs and PFAS remediation.

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