TRS Has Gained an Excellent Reputation Among Clients and Partners Alike

TRS has built solid business relationships with customers and non-exclusive partners based on mutual trust and customer satisfaction backed by superior engineering and customer service. TRS guarantees results and completes projects in a timely manner based on stated objectives. Read what Partners have to say about TRS.

TRS's performance during the Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) full scale remediation project, resulting in an early clean-up action, was excellent. It was a pleasure to work with Chris Blundy, TRS Project Manager, Paul Lansing, TRS Assistant Project Manager, and the rest or TRS's team. They were professional, thorough and extremely safety conscious. During the installation and operation of the system, a several month project, there were zero safety incidents or concerns.

The project was located in a high people traffic area, at the Naval Station Great Lakes training facility, and across from an active fire station that is manned 24/7/365 days a year. Chris, Paul and the team met and worked with fire department personnel to ensure the remediation system did not impede the fire companies operations and they also insured the remedial system did not keep them awake at night. As the project manager, I received (and had) no complaints or negative comments from base personnel.

In addition, to the great safety record, the team was certainly multitalented, knowledgeable and professional when it came to installing and running the ERH system. They didn't even seem to mind working in the "wonderful" Chicago area weather! TRS personnel were great to work with and I would welcome another opportunity to work with them again. As for the ERH system, it exceeded expectations and the goal to reduce the contamination by 95% and achieved a greater than 99% average reduction in PCE concentrations in soil in just over four months of ERH operations.

Mr. Howard Hickey
Project Manager
US Navy
Great Lakes, IL

Following a thorough evaluation process URS selected TRS to perform Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) remediation in North Carolina. Our selection was based primarily on a business relationship founded on mutual trust and satisfaction, their depth of ERH experience, engineering excellence and capacity to complete the project. We are pleased with their performance and are happy to provide a customer reference.

Brett Berra, P.E.
Senior Project Manager
URS Corporation

TRS performed the ERH remediation project at a dry cleaner site at the Charleston Navy Complex in a professional manner as a subcontractor to CH2M HILL. As challenges arose on the project, they were responsive to our needs and worked hard to ensure that the ERH process effectively addressed the site contamination. We are satisfied with their performance and look forward to working with them again. We are happy to provide a customer reference for TRS.

Dean Williamson, P.E.
Senior Project Manager
CH2M HILL Constructors, Inc.

I have worked with TRS for approximately 12 years, starting when I was a Principal of Mittelhauser Corporation. I continued my relationship while working for other companies, and currently work with them as a principal of St.John-Mittelhauser & Associates. Together we have closed 7 sites and received regulatory approval for all closures. TRS has historically provided excellent service, resolving issues quickly in a cooperative manner while offering better pricing than other companies providing in-situ thermal treatment. I highly recommend them.

Hank Mittelhauser, Ph.D
St.John-Mittelhauser & Associates

In reference to working with TRS on a recently completed project involving the rapid, guaranteed, performance based full scale remediation of PCE using ERH in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, Mr. Russ Chadwick stated: "I was very satisfied with the way this project turned was quite a learning experience. I am looking forward to that next project!"

Russ Chadwick, Vice President
Midwest Regional Director - Environmental Services
Clayton Group Services

I enjoyed working with TRS on the Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) project at the Lowry Landfill Superfund Site between 2001 and 2003. They were responsive to our needs, professional in the delivery of their services, and worked to solve challenges that occurred during the project. I would work with them again and gladly recommend them for remediation where ERH was the appropriate technology.

William Plaehn
P.E., Engineer

TRS cost estimates are very good. They tell us just what we want to know. The comparison is very striking now because we are working with other technology vendors on some of the other sites and you guys are obviously way ahead of the pack.

Matt McCaughey
Project Geologist
Weston Solutions, Inc.
Abingdon, MD

"Following a thorough evaluation process, URS selected TRS to perform Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) remediation in North Carolina... based on mutual trust and satisfaction, their depth of ERH experience, engineering excellence, and capacity to comple the project. We are pleased with their performance."

Brett Berra, P.E.
Senior Project Manager
URS Corporation