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Electrical Resistance Heating of Volatile Organic Compounds in Sedimentary Rock - Part 2, 2014


Electrical resistance heating (ERH) is a common method of remediation for volatile organic compounds in unconsolidated soils, both above and below the water table. In the past eight years, ERH has been used to successfully...

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EPA Technology News & Trends - ERH success at Fox Avenue in Seattle, WA


Clean-up at the Fox Avenue Site in Seattle, WA involved implementing several pilot- and full-scale technologies over past 20 years. Full-scale in situ thermal (ERH) applied to successfully treat the contaminated soil and groundwater.

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Thermal Remediation of Karst Limestone


Electrical resistance heating (ERH) was used for the thermal remediation of two sites at Redstone Arsenal (RSA) near Huntsville, Alabama. Both sites feature karst limestone with heavy clay overburden. The two sites are located about...

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TRS ERH and 1,4-Dioxane Remediation


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TRS Brownfield Redevelopment a Success - Seattle, WA


King 5 news in Seattle provided an inside look at the Dexter Avenue redevelopment project and ERH activities.

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TRS Group adds 100% money-back guarantee contract option


As other companies have moved away from providing guarantees on in situ remediation projects, TRS has boldly expanded their guaranteed remediation offerings.

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