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TRS Group adds 100% money-back guarantee contract option


As other companies have moved away from providing guarantees on in situ remediation projects, TRS has boldly expanded their guaranteed remediation offerings.

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New global partner added for UK and Ireland


TRS is pleased to announce the completion of negotiations and the signing of a Joint Operations Agreement between HMVTRS and TRM Ltd. for the provision of TRS Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) to the UK and...

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Santa Rosa: PG&E Making Progress on Cleanup of Century-Old Gas Plant


SANTA ROSA: In cities around the country, utilities such as PG&E are cleaning up the remnants of plants that once provided gas for cooking, light and heat.

That\'s what\'s happening in downtown Santa Rosa, where...

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Heat Enhanced Bioremediation - Tacoma, WA


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Contractors cleaning up decades-old chemical spill at former Oroweat Bakery Outlet site - Seattle, WA


TRS is providing ERH treatment of PCE and TCE at former chemical supply distribution company that served the dry cleaning industry.

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First Michigan state-funded cleanup using electrical resistivity heating technology


Successful remediation of former dry cleaner under an active restaurant is first Michigan state-funded ERH project.

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