Breakthrough Success in PFAS Remediation

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of more than 4,000 compounds. As they do not degrade well in the environment, they will persist for centuries. PFAS are highly soluble and do not partition well into the vapor phase, making their remediation quite challenging. The most common solution to date is pumping groundwater to a surface treatment system where granular activated carbon (GAC) or ion exchange (IX) resins remove and concentrate PFAS. As other constituents, including dissolved organic carbon, sorb to GAC and IX resins, this approach has proven to be quite expensive.

TRS Group, Inc. (TRS) has expanded our technology portfolio to include solutions for the in situ and ex situ treatment of PFAS in soils and water treatment.

PFAS in Soils

Using our patented and patent-pending heater elements, TRS can heat the soils (in situ or ex situ) to about 400° Celsius and maintain the temperature for extended time frames. TRS has demonstrated the removal of 99.998% of PFAS from soils, regardless of the size of the molecule or total organic carbon levels. TRS then collects the gas phase compounds, scrubs them for subsequent treatment or thermally oxidize them. As the maximum temperature of water is its boiling point and as the temperatures required for PFAS volatilization are far higher, TRS envisions applying its in situ thermal conduction heating technologies primarily in the vadose zone. Read More

PFAS in Water

TRS also offers PFAS water treatment, using the patented PerFluorAd system, developed by its German partner, Cornelsen. TRS is the exclusive licensee in North America for the PerfluorAd system. TRS provides laboratory bench studies, field pilot tests and full-scale systems for treating PFAS in water. The technology involves mixing the aqueous phase PFAS with biodegradable PerfluorAd, thereby creating a floc that is removed by sedimentation or filtration. Typical concentration reductions are in the 90 to 99% range. PerfluorAd is quite cost effective, as it will extend the life of GAC or IX systems to treat the remaining aqueous phase PFAS. Significantly, the performance of the PerfluorAd system is unaffected by dissolved organic carbon.

Application Include:

  • Groundwater
  • Fire suppressant water
  • Landfill leachate
  • Wastewater

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TRS PFAS Overview


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