PFAS Soil Remediation

Innovative Heater Elements

  • Patented and patent-pending FlexHeater technologies enable TRS to heat targeted soils up to 400° Celsius
  • Maintaining temperatures in excess of 350°C for about two weeks, TRS removed more than 99.9% PFAS from soil

FlexHeater technologies include a suite of innovative heater element designs that provide TRS with unique heater well capabilities, including:

  • Ability to adjust the temperature vertically along the length of the heater well
  • Inexpensive and rapid installation of angled and horizontal heater wells

TRS can apply the technologies in situ or ex situ, evaporate the PFAS, collect the gas phase compounds and thermally oxidize them.

PFAS in Soil Proof of Concept


PFAS Thermal Desorption Evaluation

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