Water Remediation - PerfluorAd System

Cornelsen, a TRS European thermal alliance partner, has developed the PerfluorAd system, a patented PFAS-impacted water treatment technology. TRS is the exclusive provider of PerfluorAd in North America.

PerfluorAd Highlights:

  • PerfluorAd can remove up to 99% PFAS from water
  • Works exceedingly well at elevated PFAS concentrations
  • Performs in the presence of dissolved organic carbon and other constituents
  • You can use PerfluorAd as a stand-alone solution or with activated carbon or ion exchanges systems
  • Applications include: treatment for AFFF-impacted water, landfill leachate, process wastewater, concentrated effluent from pump and treat or reverse osmosis systems

Water Samples from Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan

Comparison of PFAS Removal by PerfluorAd and other Commercial Surfactants
Data courtesy of CDM Smith

PFAS Removal by PerfluorAd and Several Commercially Available Surfactants

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PerfluorAd Floc Formation

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