From PFAS remediation to thermal conduction heating to electrical resistance heating, field testing is an integral part of technology implementation at our sites. In addition, TRS personnel conduct new technology field testing at our warehouse in the Indianapolis metro region.

A view of the TRS warehouse in Indianapolis from above.
A view of the TRS warehouse in Indianapolis from above.

Ongoing Field Research

Thermal Conduction Heating

Drew Small, Senior Project Manager, focuses on our thermal conduction heating technology.

Dan Oberle

FlexHeater TCH Development

Dan Oberle, Vice President of Engineering, oversees the development of our patent-pending FlexHeater® thermal conduction heating services.

Steve Pistoll

AFFF System Cleanout

Steve Pistoll, Field Services Manager I, helps optimize the patented PerfluorAd® system, which is ideal for removing aqueous film forming foams (AFFF) from fire suppression systems.

Greg Knight (left) of TRS monitors PerfluorAd as it works to remove PFAS from firefighting vehicle rinsate at a fire station in New England.

TCH Casing Optimization

Jeff Ellis, Field Services Manager I, optimizes the performance of our FlexHeater casings.