Started in September 2000 as a licensee of the electrical resistance heating (ERH) technology developed at Pacific Northwest Laboratories, TRS has grown to more than 70 employee-owners in the U.S. with joint ventures and
partnerships in South America, Europe and Asia. TRS now provides in situ and ex situ heating solutions using ERH, thermal conduction heating, and steam enhanced extraction. We also provide AFFF clean out services using the PerfluorAdTM system.

Erica Seiler, Staff Engineer, tests a heater at a site in Washington state.

TRS is a 100% employee-owned company (ESOP), which has fostered a collaborative and cooperative culture and has led to more than 80% repeat business.

TRS performing electrical resistance heating at a site in China.

Global Reach

Starting with our first collaboration in South America in 2009, TRS Group has
expanded to include joint ventures and partnerships in Europe and Asia. We
provide patented heating solutions worldwide.

Financial Strength

Because of our financial strength and confidence in our technologies and
employee-owners, we routinely guarantee our performance. We have met the contractual goals at 100% of our guaranteed remediation projects.

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Emily Crownover, Ph.D.

Managing Principal Engineer, R&D Manager

Research & Development

TRS Group is focused on reducing the costs and improving the sustainability of our remediation technologies. Our
research and development (R&D) program has led to numerous patents, including the thermal remediation of PFAS.

Our R&D efforts include work in the laboratory, in the field and in modeling and analytical approaches.  

For more information, visit our R&D website and learn about our current research.

A TRS project engineer tests our patented FlexHeater element at a thermal remediation site in the Midwest.
A TRS project engineer tests our patented FlexHeater® element at a thermal conduction heating site in the Midwest.

Our Leadership Team


Brett Trowbridge


Dan Oberle

Vice President, Engineering
Wayne Rebich

Wayne Rebich

Chief Financial Officer
Gorm Heron

Gorm Heron

Chief Technology Officer
Mark Kluger

Mark Kluger

Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Chris Thomas, Director of Operations

Chris Thomas

Director of Operations
Tom Delimitros

Tom Delimitros

Chairman of the Board, Venture Entrepreneur
Lara Hemingway

Lara Hemingway

Attorney, ESOP Specialist
Michael Goldstein

Michael Goldstein

Environmental Risk Management Expert
Mike Malley

Mike Malley

Brownfield Redevelopment Entrepreneur