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Join Gorm Heron, CTO of TRS Group, as he discusses developments in PFAS and thermal remediation technologies with industry experts. Our webinars are archived here so that you can review topics relevant to your work. TRS provides a certificate of attendance to webinar participants. If you have any webinar questions or comments, please contact TRS at

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Case Studies

Since the initial development of thermal remediation technologies, there have been more than 300 projects completed worldwide with TRS completing 180 of them. Many of these projects were industry firsts. TRS has also introduced the PerfluorAdTM technology to the U.S. market for AFFF cleanout services. This technology can reduce PFAS concentrations in AFFF fire suppression systems by more than 99%. The below case studies showcase all of TRS’s capabilities. 

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Chlorinated Solvents
Petroleum Hydrocarbons
An aerial view of the Ellis Superfund Site

ERH Remediation of TCE in Soil at Superfund Site

TRS used over 200 electrodes to treat 61,500 cubic yards of soil contaminated by TCE, with TCE concentrations reduced to less than 1 mg/kg.

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A pilot study of heat enhanced hydrolysis of munitions compounds using electrical resistance heating.

Heat Enhanced Hydrolysis of Munitions Compounds

TRS performed ERH to maximize hydrolysis destruction of RDX, with an average reduction of 99.6% in the treatment volume.

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Final Construction of ISTR System

In-Situ Thermal Treatment of PFAS

TRS applied TCH to soil at a Beale AFB fire training site to reduce PFOA and PFOS levels below U.S. EPA RSLs (126 μg/kg).

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Electrical resistance heating of TCE on a site with drainage challenges.

ERH Remediation of TCE on Site with Drainage Challenges

TRS modified surface water drainage to protect treatment areas, while high TCE concentrations were found in a drainage ditch.

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Mobile Cleanout of AFFF in Fire Suppression Systems

Mobile Cleanout of AFFF in Fire Suppression Systems with PerfluorAd

TRS recovered over 50 gallons of PFAS sludge from four AFFF wastewater sources.

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Electrical resistance heating of PCE under an occupied building.

ERH Remediation of PCE Under Occupied Building

TRS installed ERH electrodes horizontally under an occupied building and active parking lot.

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TRS installed angled heater casings under portions of the building from this adjacent room.

Complex Guaranteed ISTR Remediation

TRS used TCH to treat a TCE source zone at depths of 50-125 feet below an active manufacturing facility.

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AFFF Cleanout of a Firefighting Truck using PerfluorAdTM at a Major Airport in California

TRS reduced PFAS concentrations by more than 99.9% during the clean out of a firefighting vehicle at a major West Coast airport.

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PFAS Removal from a Soil Stockpile Using TCH

TRS used TCH to remove PFOA and PFOS to below detection limits in the middle of an Alaskan winter.

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Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 7.16.10 AM

Industry First: ERH of Complex Geology in Pennsylvania

TRS used ERH to treat CVOCs in a 90-foot-thick bedrock sequence.

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France Picture1

Guaranteed Fixed Price Remediation in France

TRS achieved a 99.98% reduction of CVOCs under a manufacturing facility.

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image SAN06 Santa Rosa ProjSumm 2018-06-21 acf (1)

Significant Removal of Coal Tar in the Western US

TRS used ERH to remove 560,000 pounds of coal tar at a former manufactured gas plant.

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Belgium Picture1

ERH of Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater in Belgium

TRS removed 27 tons of CVOC DNAPL during this guaranteed fixed price remediation.

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In Situ Thermal Remediation under Two Active Railroad Tracks

Industry First: Remediation Under Active Railroad Tracks

TRS reduced TCE by 99.9%, reduced 1,4-DCB by 99.5% and removed 1,700 pounds of contaminant mass during this complex project.

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image NC.ASH

ERH of Complex Superfund Site in North Carolina

TRS achieved a 95% reduction of TCE in soil and groundwater, as well as LNAPL, at this Superfund site.

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St. Louis, Missouri Case Study

St. Louis, Missouri

TCE Remediation at Superfund Site

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PFAS Case Study


PFAS Bench Test and Scale Up Evaluation

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Gas Station Case Study

North Carolina

Thermal Conduction Heating at Former Gas Station

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