The Industry's Leading In Situ Thermal Remediation Provider

TRS Group (TRS), a 100% employee owned company, accelerates the return of property value through the rapid, complete, and guaranteed remediation of contaminated sites. Our unique in situ thermal remediation (ISTR) processes heat the formation to anywhere from sub-steaming temperatures to about 400° Celsius. The lower temperatures speed the naturally occurring processes, such as the biodegradation of chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons. Meanwhile, the higher temperatures cause contaminants to evaporate, even in clay and bedrock. We recover the vapors in the vadose zone and subsequently cool and treat them at the surface.

TRS ISTR solutions, sometimes referred to as in situ thermal treatment (ISTT), provide speed and certainty, even in difficult matrices. Typical times for aggressive heating are three to six months. As our clients are eager to return their properties to beneficial reuse, ISTR provides outstanding value. We apply our technologies under manmade structures, such as active manufacturing sites and shopping malls, every day.

Our safe, proven technologies ensure that sites are clean. We guarantee it.

TRS has completed more than 160 projects in the USA and has joint ventures in Brazil, China and Europe.

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