Game Changer: Gorm Heron Worldwide Recognized Thermal Technologist Joins TRS

Gorm Heron


Gorm Heron Worldwide Recognized Thermal Technologist Joins TRS 

An interview with Mark Kluger, TRS VP Sales & Marketing 

Mark: Your joining TRS seems like a game changer in the in situ thermal remediation market. What are your thoughts? 

Gorm: TRS has the expertise to deliver the best solutions, offering a complete complement of THERMAL TECHNOLOGIES: Thermal Conduction Heating, Steam Enhanced Extraction and Electrical Resistance Heating. 

Mark: You have been at TRS now for about 3.5 months. What are your impressions of the company and its people? 

Gorm: The atmosphere and people are top notch. TRS is a totally different company now than just five years ago. Employee ownership makes a lot of sense – it is easy to align our objectives and to set goals when everyone has real ownership. 

Mark: As Chief Technology Officer, what aspects of TRS’s technologies do you find most interesting? 

Gorm: Topping the list are amazing initial heat-up rates and the ability to get the energy in the ground quickly, in a safe manner. Also, it is interesting to see the FlexHeater® thermal conduction heating elements in action. I am working with the operations and engineering teams to optimize implementation. 

Mark: Where will you focus your time to help improve TRS’s offerings? 

Gorm: Collecting the right data to ensure we have hydraulic and pneumatic control is quite important. I plan on helping build thermal conduction heating and steam enhanced extraction numerical models, comparing real site behavior with our expectations, which ultimately lowers costs for our clients. Also, we are working on more sustainable ways of heating sites and getting contaminants to degrade more rapidly in situ. 

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