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TRS accelerates the return of property value through the rapid, complete, and guaranteed remediation of contaminated sites. Our unique Electrical Resistance Heating process heats the formation to steaming temperatures. This causes contaminates to evaporate, upon which the vapors are recovered.

TRS ERH solutions provide speed and certainty, even in difficult matrices such as clay and bedrock. We typically complete remediation projects in 3-to-6 months vs. years required for similar projects through other methods. Our safe, proven technology ensures that sites are clean once and for all. We guarantee it.

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The TRS Electrical Resistance Heating process utilizes carefully controlled electrical current and powerful extraction pumps to vaporize and then extract pollutants. See Demo

TRS in the Press

EPA Region 4 Press Release. ERH is underway at CTS Asheville, NC Superfund site

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TRS Europe announces new Thermal Alliance with Cornelsen and Midroc for in situ thermal services throughout Europe

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EPA Region 4 provides update on remedial efforts, ERH installation at CTS of Asheville Superfund site

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