Patrick Joyce: Project Manager

Patrick Joyce

Patrick Joyce shares his thoughts on why, in his humble opinion, thermal trumps all other environmental remediation techniques. And oh, how he loves a good site walk.  

Position: Project Manager

Location: South Lake Tahoe

TRS Employee-Owner Year Hired: 2016

Specialty: Steam Regenerated Granular Activated Carbon (SRGAC) systems

Education: Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks;
Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science from the University of Nevada-Reno

TRS Group: What single thing have you been most proud of during your time at TRS?

Patrick Joyce: I am the most proud of the sheer amount of contaminant mass we are able to remove from the subsurface. So many remedial technologies take decades, with success or failure measured in long-term trends. I am currently part of a team removing upwards of 50 gallons of pure chemical product from the ground in a single day, with success measured in the thousands of gallons, and carried away for proper disposal by the truckload.

TRS Group: What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?

Patrick: The moment of turning on a newly constructed thermal remediation system is one of my favorite moments on a site. We use such a broad range of disciplines to design, build, and operate a thermal system: geology, analytical data, chemical and electrical engineering, logistics, drilling, cranes, heavy equipment, pipe fitting and plumbing, electrical systems, data acquisition systems, security systems, and we have to be intimately familiar with all of it. It is pretty incredible, and very satisfying, to take a step back and see it all come together.

TRS Group: What attracted you to the field of thermal remediation?

Patrick: I first heard of thermal remediation while working at a small environmental consulting firm performing Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. I enjoyed the investigative aspect of the work but was always very frustrated when we would identify contaminated sites and usually never see them again. I was also involved in groundwater monitoring, natural attenuation, and dig and haul projects. When I heard of thermal remediation, I was incredibly impressed with the speed and effectiveness of thermal remediation. The opportunity to join TRS Group allowed me to be part of the rapid solution to the problems.


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