TRS Group is the exclusive licensee of the PerfluorAdTM system in North America, and our PFAS team can help you implement the technology. 

David Fleming
Greg Knight
Steve Pistoll

David Fleming, Director of PFAS Programs

Greg Knight, PFAS Operations Manager

Steve Pistoll, Field Services Manager

David manages business development efforts for the PerfluorAdTM technology in North America and is a co-founder of TRS Group.

Greg manages the field implementation of the PerfluorAdTM technology, including cleaning out AFFF fire suppression systems. He also has experience as TRS’ quality assurance manager.

Steve is the on-site field supervisor for AFFF cleanouts using the PerfluorAdTM technology. He also has experience in wastewater treatment.

Greg Knight (left) of TRS monitors PerfluorAd as it works to remove PFAS from firefighting vehicle rinsate at a fire station in New England.