Field Results from AFFF Removal and Cleaning of Firefighting Vehicles

CT DEEP Results

Initial and final PFAS concentrations in water inside firefighting vehicles. 

TRS Group treated five firefighting vehicles at the Eastern Connecticut Fire School in Willimantic, cleaning each in less than five days. The cleanouts involved several rinsing cycles using warm PerfluorAd and water. Additionally, we treated the rinsate using flocculation and granular activated charcoal (GAC), producing a total of less than 50 gallons of waste, which consisted of aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) concentrate, flocculant sludge and spent GAC.

We reduced PFAS levels in the fluids inside the vehicles by more than 99.6% compared to removal with water. Thus, the cleaning will reduce the amount of PFAS released during a fire event by 450,000 times.

This timelapse video documents the process of cleaning AFFF from a fire-fighting trailer using PerfluorAd.