AFFF Cleanout Challenges and Solutions

Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) removal and cleaning of a fire truck using PerfluorAd. The left photo shows the first rinse cycle with PFAS-rich water. The right photo shows AFFF draining from a foam truck. 

PFAS, a component of aqueous film forming foam (AFFF), is different than the contaminants we have been treating for the last 30 years. On the website, we discuss how this affects our solutions, particularly when we face the challenge of removing AFFF from firefighting vehicles and equipment. The web page touches on:

  • PFAS properties that make it tricky to treat (including surface crusts)
  • The PerfluorAd® rinsing agent, which dissolves and mobilizes PFAS
  • How to remove PFAS from inside firefighting vehicles
  • Treatment of high concentrations of PFAS in the rinse water
  • Potential for rebound after treatment 

In this related article we show the results of cleaning five vehicles.