Cleaning AFFF Fire-Fighting Systems

The PerfluorAd® system is ideal for cleaning out fire-fighting systems, such as trucks, storage vessels, hoses and piping, impacted by aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) that contains per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) 

As the Environmental Protection Agency and many states promulgate regulations on acceptable concentrations of PFAS in water and soil, pressure is increasing to replace all fluorine-containing AFFF in fire-fighting systems. Transitions of these fire-fighting foam delivery systems require thorough cleaning or replacing to remove PFAS residuals before refilling with next generation, fluorine-free foams. 

Cleaning AFFF Fire Truck at Cornelsen Facility in Germany 

PerfluorAd is a biodegradable liquid that interacts almost exclusively with PFAS to form flocculants, which are removed via filtration. PerfluorAd works exceedingly well at elevated PFAS concentrations, removing 99.9% of PFAS, and performs in the presence of dissolved organic carbon, surfactants and other constituents.  

The flocculation process includes the use of PerfluorAd as a functional precipitate, to enhance the cleanout of the AFFF delivery system and reduce the volume of water required to reach a desired endpoint. The rinsate produced during the cleanout will be further treated with PerfluorAd to maximize PFAS removal.  

The current practice of cleaning out fire-fighting systems with triple water rinse is inadequate in removing residual PFAS and generates a large volume of PFAS-impacted waste, which requires disposal or treatment. The use of PerfluorAd in fire-fighting systems has been demonstrated successfully at a commercial scale in Germany, with our partner, Cornelsen, resulting in little to no waste requiring incineration.  

AFFF Cleanout in Fire-Fighting Trucks Using PerfluorAd